The Blue Notebooks - Volume 6: Messages from our Older Brothers

servants – people on the right path . 19 th of March 1965 Know that the time has come to realise that money and possessions are no longer the things worth striving for. An awakening runs through human souls and the profiteers and peddlers sense with dismay that their imagined power no longer sits on a mighty throne, but that it is gradually but surely dragged down to where it belongs. This doesn’t mean that terrestrial people should no longer strive for everything that’s beautiful, for harmony and the revelation of all the aspects that belong to human beings. Human beings have not been envisaged to blemish the terrestrial landscape as shabby beggars. But they must realise that all the things their HEARTS so often unnecessarily desire and excite it, are transient . Mother Earth is willing to lend all her ENERGY to human beings so that they can reveal a free, beautiful and widely resonating life on her. She endeavours to realise all the ideas human beings come up with in regards to buildings and installations, but she must at times sing a macabre song and allow the elements to scream: “Tand, tand is the structure of human hand.” She does this with love and it is her contribution towards the higher development of the souls residing on her. “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” – Let them go, those that think that they are prophets. They mean well and they do this and teach what their conscience allows. All false prophets, meaning those that know that the things they teach are false and still go ahead in order to live a better material life, because all of them have their auditorium, judge themselves and it is not up to you to do so, because you would place yourselves on their level. Let then talk and judge, but you remain silent and forgive them in your HEARTS. Try to find the good will and the urge to serve in all those that have the arrogance to enforce their own views and insights on others, if they do this for free and without physical remuneration. If their intensions are born from within a pure heart, they will grow into their task and oscillate higher, thereby gaining their remuneration and a fullness of life. They will receive the things they require without having to ask or even beg for them. – JESUS said: “Seek first the REALM of GOD within you and his JUSTICE and all such things will be given to you.” * * * * * * *