The Blue Notebooks - Volume 6: Messages from our Older Brothers

Haul yourself up from the depths of your HEART you human child and take a look at yourself. The human creature swings eternally as a component of the ALMIGHTY’S revelation, with all its stars and suns, eternally transforming outside, but eternally remaining the same INSIDE, a component of the UNIVERSAL-ONE. 23 rd of July 1964 – 9:30 am Human thought processes are so varied that it looks like a colourful carpet from a higher point of view . The things that are clearly self-evident to the brightest thinkers are incomprehensible and unacceptable to the dullest thinkers – and ridiculous and incredible to others . A great LIGHT, an enlightenment marches through human thought processes. The capacity to grasp things expands more and more and the things many are not prepared to contemplate today, will become common place tomorrow, they will become part of their character and place them in the position to align their circumstances UPWARDS with this knowledge, ergo to perfect them – to alleviate them. 31th of July 1964 – 4 pm The secrets of creation are temporarily veiled from human thoughts to eventually reveal themselves again at a given time so that the human evolution can proceed towards higher levels of consciousness. The moment of awakening represents a great danger to all humanities, whereby we include the populations of other inhabited planets. You have now reached this point of danger: Things that were veiled and only privy to adepts are now entering the human consciousness, people feel the POWER and the MIGHT and they want to put it into action and start something. The insight that atoms can be split and that they can have an effect in this condition, that new connections can create new and all kinds of things for you, is only the beginning of gigantic insights and creative processes and they will barge across human thoughts with unforeseen velocity and ampleness. If people could gratefully accept this higher development and use and utilise all future cognitions and insights for peaceful purposes, planet Earth would have a future one could only dream of in one’s fantasy. The IMPULSES of the here and now circle around the Earth and all human thoughts can be affected by them if they are prepared for this. And this is the great danger! Because when the inventor-finder, ergo the consciously receiving, understands and puts these secrets into practice without being aware of the responsibility and the harm he can cause within the recognised, the physical, his fellow human being’s evolution is in danger and it can be interrupted on the planet for lengthy periods of time. Only physical life is endangered, but this doesn’t mean that it is of no concern in regards to mankind’s evolution or whether a whole humanity, one that already developed higher in regards to independent thoughts and actions, could be annihilated in its physical aspect. Even though the life the CREATIVE POWER exhaled is of an unutterable bounty and unimaginable abundance, take the seeds of plants as an example, it would not be of great concern in the overall picture within the evolution of the cosmoses if creatures a “dust particle planet” accommodates would be swiped away, but it would still constitute a misfortune to eminent ENTITIES and those near the dying planet and an event that cannot be quickly restored back to harmony and order, ergo something that isn’t required in the higher development of life. It would be an interruption of the