Genesis of the world, its development and function

PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Internet: Genesis of the world, its development and function A quintessence from psychic indoctrinations Trying to explain multidimensional coherences two or three dimensionally is doomed to fail from the start, because the concept of "infinite" is required and it is not a number but an idea. An idea that helps to contemplate something that can neither be grasped nor comprehended by a three-dimensionally thinking person. But an attempt to at least make a rudimentary approach should be dared in spite of this problem. A hypothetically infinite area comprises everything that can actually be imagined, conterminous to an intelligent SPACELESS FORCE – GOD. GOD can be scientifically verified on hand of creation, because innumerable forms of appearance, forming a meaningful whole by converging so precisely, constitute irrefutable evidence that a PLANER must exist that is also an INFORMER, something the structure and the programming of the DNA implies. Without planning, no meaningful universe would exist, only chaos. If arrows were to run a distance (s) back and forth on this assumed area at an even speed (v), they require a specific speed (t) (t = s/v), v = speed, respectively frequency. The frequency range goes from 0 (zero) to ∞ (infinity). Every atom is located simultaneously at every point in the area in the state of zero hour . Example: If the rotor of a helicopter could be rotated at an infinite rotational speed, it would turn into a solid, disk shaped mass. All the atoms of the rotor blades would find themselves simultaneously at all the possible points in that space. The variations of the frequency from 0 to ∞ makes an infinite number of intermediate states possible. Therefore, an infinite number of polarised states of energy exist in this area, consisting of active (+) and passive (-) energy (E). Therefore, everything is possible and the result is GOD’S almightiness. v = 0 State of rest => neutrality ( - ) v = ꝏ State of zero hour = > highest activity ( + ) State of energy = E ACTIVE + E PASSIVE GOD = E ACTIVE + E PASSIVE => Almightiness (law of nature) Pure energy is shapeless => GOD is shapeless.