Not from this Earth - Part 2

Preface by the publisher 1
Preface (By ASHTAR SHERAN) 3
Introduction (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin) 3
Our assignment is a SACRED MISSION (Message from ASHTAR SHERAN) 5
Nuclear power? - Rocket propulsion? (Message from ASHTAR SHERAN) 6
Your love is based on self interest 7
We come as siblings from star to star 9
What we should know about UFOS (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the MKF, Berlin) 10
Extraterrestrials come in their astral bodies (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the MKF Berlin) 11
The sciences are confronted with an enigma 13
Peace across all frontiers 14
A day in the life of EXTRATERRESTRIALS 16
Financial accounting without an interest based economy 18
The family life of extraterrestrials 20
Education and career 21
TAI SHIIN, the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF’S assistant reports 23
SEMARUS reports about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL’S planet 27
The correct climate is created 28
Help for planet Earth through soil irradiation 29
“… for they know not what they do” 29
CHRIST said: 31
The sciences say: 31
ASHTAR SHERAN speaks: 32
Astrological laws are no longer correct! 34
The draughtsman and MESSENGER of LIGHT JOHN SHERIDAN announces his presence 36
Even worse than anticipated 37
Dematerialisation (A monologue by ASHTAR SHERAN) 39
EXTRATERRESTRIALS suffer because of us 40
When intelligence fails (A talk by the MESSENGER of LIGHT SEMARUS) 41
Also no nuclear power for peaceful purposes 42
The voice of conscience (A monologue by the MESSENGER of LIGHT ELIAS) 44
Great things are in the pipeline (A monologue by the MESSENGER of LIGHT ARGUN) 45
The original creation of the universe 46
Forbearing is not a weakness 48
The universe is controlled (Questions for the MESSENGER of LIGHT AREDOS) 50
What do UFOS have to do with Christendom? 53
Cause and effect (A monologue by the MESSENGER of LIGHT ARGUN) 54
Epilogue (By ASHTAR SHERAN) 56