Not from this Earth - Part 2

9 We come as siblings from star to star This is why we have once again undertaken this journey. This time in such numbers, that we had to establish space stations , new bases on neighbouring planets and this is why we prepared for the long haul, because the assignment is difficult, comprehensive, multilateral and the dangers for us are very comprehensive. We come as friends to visit enemies. We come as good ones to evil ones. We come as siblings from star to star. • We have an assignment that we definitely have to complete, because the ALMIGHTY does not bargain. Whatever HE commands is compelling to all of us to the final victory, without regard to space and time. GOD entrusted us with the people of the Earth with this assignment. We are the TRUSTEES of your planet and we invisibly reign in the name of the SAVIOUR. Day after day and night after night we fly in and out with our little space ships and we continue to attempt to condense ourselves, that is to say, make ourselves more physical , because hardly anyone on Earth would believe in our existence, if one is unable to see us optically. • We set glowing signs and phenomena in the sky by utilising the conditions we find ourselves in. • We fly over you’re your nuclear centres in large formations. • We take note of your technology and your sciences. • We try to become terrestrial , even though this constitutes the greatest sacrifice GOD ever asked of any interplanetary soul. I will tell you the most important things we’re concerned with – and you should realise that your goals are wrong . Your ship steers in a completely wrong direction and this requires an enormous turnaround from you. Your chosen path does not lead into the LIGHT, but into darkness, into the regions of spiritual darkness that are governed by the anti-spirit. • You have unfortunately no idea about what this darkness really means , because night is followed by a bright morning. Ask a blind person – they can better answer what darkness really means. However if you were to ask an unfortunate soul , it would not answer, but cling to you and scream for help. • Mankind on Earth creams inexpressibly for help! • And those in responsible positions on your planet hold their hands over their ears! – These screams of desperation and fear do not go unnoticed ; they reach GOD and from there they reach us – and this is why we are prepared to risk our own lives in order to bring you this HELP.