Not from this Earth - Part 2

6 You want to explore space and bridge vast distances. In spite of this you don’t know whereto you want to and have to steer to. Some want to go to the Moon. Others want to go to Mars. You have no idea of what to expect when you get there, or what benefits such bold journeys will bring you. You simply head for a little spark in the heavens. You believe that you are masters over technology, conquerors of space. A most glorious denotation! However what sacrilegious levity and foolishness! Wherever your eyes recognised a little spark in the heavens where you assume to find solid ground under your feet or air to breathe, that’s where you want to do go so you can say: “We have conquered space!” – You think: “GOD might have set boundaries for us – but we have won the day! We have put one over GOD, because we managed to leave the planet we were born on according to GOD’S demands.” • He, who wants the impossible, must be mature enough to deal with the impossible! Impossible is not in GOD’S vocabulary! But the impossible exists for all creatures that are not mature enough for divine miracles. He, who dares to enter space, dares to enter regions of a different dimension, a dimension that does not exist within the Earth’s plan in any shape or form. You are inquisitive and daring, but your courage is not the kind that is required to bridge the CREATOR’S enormous universe. You would become victims of contestations and the anti-spirit – whom you do not believe in – would find it even easier to ambush you and to rob you of your body and your soul. Nuclear power? - Rocket propulsion? (Message from ASHTAR SHERAN) What means do you think you require to be able to conquer space? Nuclear power? Rocket propulsion? Technology? • The first prerequisite for such bodacious experiments is an absolutely humble attitude in regards to GOD. You adore physical matter and you idolise it. However, you neither adore the CREATOR nor do you idolise HIM. You are not capable of eliminating the Earth’s gravitational pull from your body, to place it into a higher state that creates the required equalisation that allows it to assimilate with the conditions prevalent throughout the universe. All of these experiments have their terrestrial limitations. You might be able to advance a considerable distance into space, but you will not be able to conquer space, because you are earthbound and everything on your Earth, all physical substance that comes into contact with your Earth, is also earthbound .