Not from this Earth - Part 2

54 pope, that is to say, CHRIST appeared to him in the astral , and he was able to remember this visit. Question : Man in his role as researcher, scientist or politician still commits this “Fall from Grace” even now by disregarding GOD’S LAWS. Are we dealing with matter of fact people here or does their power of reason break down? ARGUN : There is nothing wrong with their power of reason, but it is unfortunately applied completely incorrectly . If these people had a little more insight and FAITH in actualities, they could positively create absolutely excellent works that would not only benefit the people on Earth, but GOD also. • Feelings, perceptions and mind must work hand in hand! The natural sciences have completely detached themselves from theology. Theology unfortunately is not quite in order and theologians are only people after all; but the natural sciences and theology must become one , because it is completely erroneous to give the denotation “nature” a completely different meaning than that of the divine ACT and divine CREATION. Cause and effect (A monologue by the MESSENGER of LIGHT ARGUN) GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! There is a divine LAW that says that every cause results in an effect. Laws written by people can be rescinded. Only GOD alone can rescind divine LAWS, but they are so wise and anchored that there are no reasons to abrogate them. The human thought process alone constitutes a cause and out of this ensues a visible effect. When there is no peace and only wars reign on Earth, you’ll find that the human thought processes in that direction are the actual cause. GOD thinks differently – and HIS THOUGHTS also have a visible effect. If this wasn’t so, life on Earth would have ceased to exist a long time ago. Mankind on Earth is allowed to exist from one reprieve to another. But the time has come where man shortens his own reprieve, well where he directly renounces GOD’S GRACE. Therefore, what would happen if GOD was not LOVE and PATIENCE personified? Mankind’s technical and material knowledge has made great strides particularly over the last 50 years. Technology and materialism now turns into mankind’s archenemy. The law of cause and effect is once again apparent here. • Technological development without RESPECT for GOD and without FAITH in GOD is one cause that must have negative repercussions, because it contradicts the divine PLAN! The material development is also – without regards to a higher ORDER – a cause that leads to material anarchy. The effect of this anarchy is apparent in hydrogen bombs. Terrestrial science can only partially and superficially notice these effects, because it is completely inexperienced in that direction. • Material anarchy means: Molecular lawlessness!