Not from this Earth - Part 2

50 • Your sciences and your politicians lack the true FAITH to even consider such a possibility. The universe is controlled (Questions for the MESSENGER of LIGHT AREDOS) Question : Is there actually a possibility that the human race on this planet could inadvertently destroy itself ? AREDOS : GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! Mankind can only physically destroy itself, never spiritually. It would be more appropriate to ask why the human race does not believe in a divine ORDER. Question : Can you tell us something about this? AREDOS : All EVIDENCE of GOD’S EXISTENCE has been abstract in some respect up to now. For instance, various theories have been established. But what is a theory? The TRUTH is that the world and the universe exist . • This universe is guided, otherwise chaos would reign! You can look wherever you like; a mathematical order reigns everywhere and this verifies GUIDANCE. But mankind has now interfered with this mathematical order and disturbed this order to a considerable degree. Do you really believe that the CREATOR and CONTROLLER of all existing worlds remains inactive about this and does nothing? – HE has already started something. HE called upon EXTRATERRESTRIALS, HIS ALLIES, to take control of the terrestrial human race. – It is not curiosity that brings EXTRATERRESTRIALS to this planet, but a higher ASSIGNMENT. Question : Why don’t they visibly appear to all and sundry ? AREDOS : Mankind has thought along the wrong lines for millennia. The moment foreign people or beings appear en masse and enter the territory of states or nations on Earth – it matters not whether they’re terrestrial or extraterrestrial – they are regarded and treated like intruders, like enemies. EXTRATERRESTRIALS are also aware of this, because they have observed you. They are perfectly aware that they cannot come in droves at this point without exceedingly frightening you. In their panic, the people on Earth would behave completely irrational and show feelings of animosity towards the EXTRATERRESTRIALS. This is why they only gradually make an appearance, unless they’re forced to employ their whole flotilla one day. Question : But EXTRATERRESTRIALS have expressed their good intentions in their messages. AREDOS : These messages are simply not believed. Even if the governments on Earth were to asseverate their friendship, the EXTRATERRESTRIALS would not take notice of this, because you do not know what true FRIENDSHIP is all about.