Not from this Earth - Part 2

5 these messages, as they have been immaculately and convincingly tested by special experiences gained over a number of years. The German reader’s attention is however drawn to the fact that spiritualism has reached an extraordinary high level in other cultured nations and partially elevated to a major religion. EXTRATERRESTRIALS use multilateral psychic abilities to communicate and over time will introduce us to occult phenomena in order to practically demonstrate their validity. The reports compiled here are not inspirations, but written deliverances by a hand guided with the help of transcendental GUIDANCE. The writing is facilitated through fairly strong magnetism conferred on the arm of the medium. The medium is not hypnotised and works fully conscious , without being aware that is takes a significant amount of concentration to decipher these scripts after the transmission has come to an end. In all cases, it takes a lot of practice to faultlessly read them. In case of doubt the automatic writing is repeated. If nuclear researchers, politicians and war experts would deal with revelation-spiritualism more thoroughly they would also reach the conclusion that the genuineness of these psychic messages can not be doubted at all. It is unfortunate that specifically these, for mankind very influential experts, are negatively influenced by their own prejudices and the available academic knowledge forced upon them, so they are unable to muster the energy to approach the TRUTH. These people distance themselves intentionally from the TRUTH in many instancies, because the TRUTH has religious undertones. This type of insight however stands in blatant contrast to all their thoughts and actions. Higher KNOWLEDGE demands a certain amount of abnegation in regards to material and emotional habits and desires. • Our fully conscious survival after our physical demise represents the basic premise for all our knowledge, for our future and for our development in a positive sense. When EXTRATERRESTRIALS come to us in their space ships in order to help us, they are unable to do so until we comprehend and accept occult KNOWLEDGE in this form. Once these insights have become common knowledge amongst the people on Earth, EXTRATERRESTRIALS will be at our disposal with all their experiences in all kinds of areas; they will introduce us to new sources of energy that will allow us to conquer space. Our assignment is a SACRED MISSION (Message from ASHTAR SHERAN) MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU! – AMEN. It is not within our nature to use pretentious words. We prefer to allow actions to speak for themselves. Have you ever experienced that GOD uses pompous words? – HE too, the MOST ALMIGHTY, prefers to allow HIS DEEDS to speak for themselves, but these DEEDS, which have validity in place of HIS WORDS, are formidable. – We also don’t like to talk about mistakes. We prefer to talk about the future you are steering towards every minute of the day and with every breath you take. • Mankind’s final destination is within GOD’S PALACE. This place is the future you have to steer towards.