Not from this Earth - Part 2

48 Question : The basic element of the nonrecurring EXPLOSIVE CREATION PROCESS was fiery energy. Of what importance are oceans then on our Earth? ARGUN : Water also consists of atoms and these are also just converted atoms of a fiery nature. Question : Is this where the secret of inexhaustible energy lies? ARGUN : Yes, I was trying to insinuate this. This energy must not be used for explosions. It contradicts CREATION’S natural laws. Water and earth were created in one CREATIVE EXPLOSION. The re-transmutation or transformation of physical atoms must not take place in a second explosion, because the atom doesn’t just transform itself back into energy, it also transforms into a completely new form. This new form stands in contradiction to the WILL and ORDER of the CREATOR. If this unlawful transformation of atoms continues nevertheless , VIBRATIONS and radiation are created that must have catastrophic consequences for the existing world order, that is to say, for CREATION. The people on Earth have no idea of how these completely innovative rays behave in the cosmos. Forbearing is not a weakness Question : The Catholic Church does not support a moratorium on nuclear tests. The Archbishop Cardinal Frings from Cologne mentioned in a speech in Tokyo: “Every nation has the right to defend itself, this right however includes the commitment to not deal with nuclear bombs in an irresponsible manner.” ARGUN : The Earth will soon reach the point of inflexion. If still nothing happens in a positive sense, a big “bang” will ensue and the lights on Earth will go out for ever. The major despots are already getting the jitters. They fear this monster called “atom”. These people gradually tremble about their own existence and whish that the carefree freedom of the past returns. – Their pangs of remorse are still in their initial stage. If the world realises these mistakes – but it has to be soon – it will not be too late; it will not yet be lost. There are already some scientists and statesmen who desperately try to emerge from this quagmire. The first step out of this dangerous quagmire would be the unification of Germany . A conclusive political reform can then take place right across the board. 9 • Research into rocket technology does not have to cease, it does no harm in space. The people on Earth are allowed to gain a view of space. Such a vista into space will make researchers and technicians ashamedly realise just how culpably arrogant they have been. 10 Present attempts to split atoms are not to be condemned if they are kept to minimum levels. One single or no more than two secured nuclear reactors can be used for scientific purposes. This research can have great benefits for certain diseases, like for 9 These statements can now, 38 years later, be verified by all readers of these protocols. 10 Well-known astronauts have continuously reiterated this after their flights in space.