Not from this Earth - Part 2

46 camouflage; they largely allow UFOS to approach unnoticed. 7 Question : Are these UFO approaches a direct result of our nuclear tests? ARGUN : They are also a consequence of these experiments; however the unremitting armament, put more precisely: The arms race, forms part of it. Question : Apart from the arms race, science and technology represent a kind of security for mankind, as it is of the opinion that the human race must search for new sources of energy. ARGUN : The directions this research has taken are false ! The sciences are already in the process of finding new directions , but this isn’t easy and it will take some time. Enormous energies can be extracted from atoms in a different way and this without resorting to nuclear fission. • The atom must not be blown up, it must not be rent asunder and this is where the following biblical verse comes into its own: What GOD joint together should not be put asunder! The atomic structure represents a planetary system in miniature. What would happen if the solar system, with all its planets, were rent asunder? – The whole universe would suffer from the effects! Dear friends, the sciences and research have no real concept of ORIGINAL CREATION and of the actual nature of the divine universe. This is why I will give you an explanation today; this explanation serves the purpose of giving you the key to finding the future energy supply for this Earth – and if this key doesn’t fit right away, it can be filed into shape to fit correctly. The original creation of the universe ARGUN : In order to make this comprehensible to you I will go way back into the past, even further than the bible’s First Book of Moses (Genesis): GOD’S unimaginable POWER created an enormous core at the centre of the so-called universe that can only be measured in light-years or millennia. This core contained an unimaginable amount of energy, a CUMULATIVE OSCILLATION or the most extreme heat. This unimaginable glowing sphere in space reached an inner strain that has only occurred once before throughout all of CREATION. The periphery of the glowing sphere hardened at the same time; it turned into a very solid mass, into physical matter, let’s say: ORIGINAL MATTER. This inner energy that continuously amplified became so powerful that the casing of the enormously immense sphere was no longer able to withstand it and exploded throughout the whole region. It was the explosion that took place within GOD’S 7 The well-known astronomer Prof. Dr H. H. Kritzinger wrote the following: “Radar equipment doesn’t work too well under Northern Lights. An invasion of UFOS could easily take place under these conditions. The Northern Lights are therefore of some importance in regards to UFOS.”