Not from this Earth - Part 2

45 SENSES are destroyed. This however is not unnatural, but a self-inflicted calamity, not just for the individual, but also for the broader community. Those without a VOICE of CONSCIENCE are, like an insane person, a danger to public safety and may not assist in solving mankind’s problems. – There is a specific characteristic present, namely that these people regard themselves to be super-normal and the rest of the community as dumb. • If you want PEACE, JUSTICE and PROGRESS, you have to thoroughly comb through the sciences, technology and politics with a sturdy comb. It is certainly worthwhile! Great things are in the pipeline (A monologue by the MESSENGER of LIGHT ARGUN) GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! Dear friends, great things are in store for you. This year could harbour many surprises and changes. Question : Can you please tell us what it is all about? ARGUN : It is about epoch-changing inventions by individual people on Earth and about other things connected with UFOS. Question : Were the flying objects sighted over England UFOS? ARGUN : Yes, absolutely. A number of UFOS will appear on radar screens this year. Question : The plane that went missing in the USA has not yet been found. ARGUN : Some remote-controlled objects sent from Earth have been hijacked by UFOS. The EXTRATERRESTRIALS require them for further studies. Circle leader: This is strange; they take something that is not theirs? ARGUN : The EXTRATERRESTRIALS have at this point in time no other option. Question : The papers report about the comet “Arend Roland” who is to make an appearance in May 1957. Is this a predicted comet that will take the Earth into its field of influence to then release it again once it has been cleansed? ARGUN : That’s roughly the gist of it. The comet however will not represent a danger to the Earth, because it will soon distance itself again. Question : “Lake Alviano” near Rome is about to change its colour from a deep blue to red. ARGUN : The colouring of the lake is due to UFO-radiation, similar to what happens to an overcast sky at night. The clouds also turn red due to UFO-radiation. If it wasn’t for the presence of this UFO-radiation, this particular latitude would be severely contaminated with radioactivity. Apart from this, these rays are an excellent