Not from this Earth - Part 2

44 The voice of conscience (A monologue by the MESSENGER of LIGHT ELIAS) The FATHER sends HIS special ENERGY to those of us that seek the TRUTH. All of us try to live our life in a way that is attuned to our CONSCIENCE. – Have we ever thought what this means: Our CONSCIENCE? What do you imagine it to be? What does it really mean: CONSCIENCE? Nobody has ever seen their CONSCIENCE, but certainly felt it. It is SOMETHING within us that occasionally depresses us, but occasionally also allows us to experience joy. The joys we sometimes feel are not always born from goodness. When our CONSCIENCE bothers us, we know that we have done something that is not compatible with GOD’S WISHES! Even though we might not admit it, we do know that this is so, because nobody can deny the existence of their own divine EGO within themselves. • Our CONSCIENCE represents GOD’S GRACE within us! There are scientists, technicians and statesmen who do not acknowledge their INNER VOICE of CONSCIENCE. These people do not have GOD’S GRACE within themselves – and this is why they become instruments and playthings of sinister spiritual forces. They are to be pitied; they are completely unaware that they are bereft of their own opinion and their own thoughts, because they regard themselves to be very knowledgeable, some of them even omniscient. There are a considerable number of people who enjoyed a good upbringing, who were enrolled in an excellent, well, a famous school and later graduated from several universities. They have one or more doctor’s degrees, are appointed professors and gain a worldwide reputation. They are suddenly asked: “What are your views on GOD?” – They frown and clear their throat a number of times. “Who on Earth still believes such fairytales? The branches of science I studies do not allow such an assumption to arise. I am still alive - and if there really was a GOD, HE would have annihilated me and many, many of my colleagues also long ago. The fact that I am still alive represents the best evidence that there is no GOD – and I don’t just survive, I’m having an exceptionally good time!” What negative thoughts! The voice of CONSCIENCE has been slain by the knowledge that has been drummed into them. The ALMIGHTY’S grace no longer has a place within the corrupt souls of these people. They only comprehend formulas and they talk parrot fashion: “X is X and still an unknown law, but we will get to the bottom of it, because everything is natural and everything takes place according to the laws of nature.“ What kind of world; well, what kind of universe would we live in, if not everything would run according to the laws of nature? The so-called “unnatural” that does exist is not unnatural, but as natural as anything else that exists. The OTHER WORLD, with its different structure of existence and LEVELS of VIBRATION, is not unnatural, but extremely natural , even if it not adapted to your senses. Music or speech transmitted through radio waves only become perceptible to your senses once these OSCILLATIONS are converted by a receiving set and accurately adapted to your sensual perceptions. But the opposite is also possible, namely that the senses metabolise and accurately adapt to higher VIBRATIONS, this is also not unnatural, actually very natural, but a bit of a rarity. The VOICE of CONSCIENCE vacillates telepathically , but it cannot be perceived if the higher