Not from this Earth - Part 2

42 and mankind doubly so. The Earth had a very decisive role to play for other worlds. But the fact is that development has come to a standstill here, because due to a blindfolded self-overestimation, the intelligence fails. Mankind has reached a focal point. Here, at this focal point, where good and evil amalgamate and consequently create an inextricable chaos, mankind and all its achievements stand at the crossroads of the great CREATOR. – In this extremely dangerous situation man’s intelligence however fails to find out just how far his own will is capable of making the right decisions. Also no nuclear power for peaceful purposes You can see as far as the first bend in the road, you will then have to decide how you want to proceed. Mankind’s fate clearly stand before you, glorious and devastating at the same time, because without GOD’S LOVE and GRACE, mankind would be lost, at the mercy of the insanity of a few despots on this Earth. We give nuclear research its due, but what you get up to is not nuclear research, but an abuse of the highest force . Nuclear research for peaceful purposes is also not yet appropriate; it is unfortunately pursued in the wrong direction. For as long as you don’t protect yourself with appropriate shielding mechanisms, you will not gain dominion over the creeping death radioactivity represents. You underestimate its real dangers! It is unimaginably enormous! – But you are as pleased as little children when they see a firework. A lot of you will not believe me when I assert that the intelligence fails. • The intelligence fails at the very first thought about a personal GOD. • The intelligence fails when a UFO appears in the sky that either sends or screens it light rays. • The intelligence fails when one thinks about the occupants of an UFO. • The intelligence of all the sciences and of politics fails when dealing with the problems of peace. Peace cannot be enforced through mass murderous means of an ungodly humanity. But this is exactly what you intend to do. – We are most accurately informed about this! How can something invisible be accurately informed? I ask you the question: How can invisible thoughts prepare the demise of a human race? Intelligence cries out for security. World peace implies such security. But where threats exist, there is no security and where there is no security, there is no peace. – This is a sophistically 6 devilish game. Let’s assume that the western hemisphere is successful in conquering the eastern hemisphere with 6 Sophistic: [lat. sophisticus <Greek. sophisticós] subtle, pedantic.