Not from this Earth - Part 2

41 great difficulties. The moment we intend to take on solid physical form, we expose ourselves to unprecedented pain, similar to the suffering of a test pilot under extreme, excessive pressure. You had a SAVIOUR who sacrificed himself on your behalf with HIS LOVE. He called himself CHRIST and he is an example of weightlessness; because he walked fleet-footed over the sea. With his death he had command of the dematerialisation of his physical body. He was a SON of GOD and his DOCTRINES are well recognised as correct and progressive throughout the world. CHRIST was a TEACHER of humanity. He was full of WISDOM and SUPER-INTELLIGENCE, something probably nobody on Earth dares to doubt. You accept that these DOCTRINES are good – but you don’t act according to them ! Why? When intelligence fails (A talk by the MESSENGER of LIGHT SEMARUS) The LORD paves the way for you, but you continuously cover it with rubble. Dear friends within the Earth’s plan! Man’s will, no matter where he or she stands, is a part of spirit and soul. You can freely apply your will. You have the freedom to guide your steps according to your will, but it is however dangerous to follow paths that are devoid of LIGHT. Therefore chose paths that are brightly lit, because it is a safer option to walk these, even if they are very uncomfortable at times. Mankind on Earth has unfortunately deviated from the main road and it is now lost. To put it bluntly: Mankind finds itself in a completely dark dead-end-street that does no longer allow progress. This is why you have to turn around otherwise you’ll never find your way back to the main road that offers the only opportunity to reach your DESTINATION. You have already lost a lot of time; the people on Earth could have been already very close to their DESTINATION. This destination is called: PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! Of what use is man’s intelligence, if it fails him at crucial moments! When this happens – and it unfortunately happens to an unimaginable degree – free will also suffers if GOD wants it to. An eminent force stands over man’s intelligence and it is GOD’S POWER. You cannot expect the LIGHT to come to you ! – You must seek the LIGHT and if you see the LIGHT in the form of a little spark in the distance, you must make all possible efforts to head towards this SIGNAL PYRE. Ever planet has its own assignment within infinite space. The Earth also has such an assignment