Not from this Earth - Part 2

40 • GOD alone can set you free! We also had to procure this insight first; the CREATOR then recompensed us with the ability to dematerialise . • We are a large community united in GOD and all who have really managed to inwardly cleanse themselves, possess GOD’S spiritual POWER that enables them to dematerialise and rematerialise. A large community lives on our far distant home planet and it is light of foot and almost weightless. You would say: Semi-material . There are however also a lot of people on the same planet that have not yet reached this state, they have not yet inwardly cleansed themselves completely, they do not belong to GOD’S large COMMUNITY. The fact that you don’t deal enough with magic, that is to say, occult opportunities, is a great mistake – and when you do, you do it with a completely wrong spiritual attitude. Your first question is always: “What material gains do I have from this?” – Or: “How can I utilise these powers to gain advantage over my fellow men?” “How can I dominate the environment?” – “How can I amass gold or make money?” • The first question however must always be: How can I refine myself? The greatest achievement of the people on Earth consists in that you have produced a Holy Scripture that reasonably accurately describes supernatural phenomena. The worst achievement of the people on Earth consists in that they have managed to falsify this Holy Scripture you call the bible, with thousands of absurd comments. You have created so-called dogmas for yourselves that made it impossible for normal human beings to comprehend higher forms of existences and phenomena. First amongst these phenomena is the phenomenon of dematerialisation. The home planet, meaning our planet, required a SAVIOUR, one that accepted all kinds of physical and mental suffering in order to bring us this KNOWLEDGE. But we neither persecuted this SAVIOUR nor falsified or misinterpreted his doctrines. • We already know that there are many planets in the universe that are inhabited by human beings and that some of them have been redeemed by a SON of GOD. We know from a very reliable source that a whole series of dematerialisations have taken place on your planet. Your Holy Scriptures also reports about such cases. It states amongst other things: “The prophet was moved to another location, he was enraptured .” EXTRATERRESTRIALS suffer because of us We are not prophets in the sense of the word, but we can change location at the speed of thought just the same. It is also possible for us to penetrate through solid materials in an ethereal state. – But these are exceptions even with us. We then have a similar experience to walking through water. In comparison to other planets, physical matter on your Earth is very solid. This fact causes us