Not from this Earth - Part 2

39 We know from the history of the universe and from the Earth’s history about the destruction of worlds, about major events that had to take place, because the FATHER loves HIS children. – They trampled HIS LAWS into the mud; they preferred mundane things instead. Is it GOD’S POWER that creates everything or does it stem from within the brain of man? GOD will show us who is more powerful, when the scientist looks at the acquisitions he was able create out of his own abilities and sees that what he created according to his own laws does not work – that other LAWS suddenly apply and that all his knowledge in the fields of chemistry, physics and whatever else he likes to mention, all this knowledge gained in auditoriums does not benefit him. His own inventions will destroy him, because he didn’t believe that the POWER he created with was GOD’S. And as they continue to disobey these LAWS, thereby effecting calamities to such a degree not just on their fellow men, but on all other planets throughout the universe, GOD’S power will come into effect and these injustices will be revealed to all and sundry. They ought to feel the things they want to inflict on their fellow men, on their own body. They should lie in the bed they made for themselves. • Be aware that help does not only come to you through human hands. HELP will also come from regions that mankind does not believe they exist. A POWER will come down to Earth in a form that only GOD’S children will be able to comprehend and understand if they are informed about these events; certain signs will tell them what to expect. “Mercy!” they will say, the cowards. This word will then have meaning for them; they will then learn that there must be a higher DESTINY, as they’re apt to say. They will then be virtually forced to believe in GOD and in HIS ALMIGHTINESS and those that still doubt this will have to journey along a path that will lead them even deeper into the darkness of ignorance. Dematerialisation (A monologue by ASHTAR SHERAN) We EXTRATERRESTRIALS are human beings made of flesh and blood. But o ur flesh and blood is however of various textures, even on our home planet. You here on Earth, we call your planet “SHAN”, are of a more coarse physical nature than we are due to your soul’s characteristics. There are however also a lot of people on our home planet that possess a more or less coarse physical nature. The higher our spiritual attitude in regards to the almighty FATHER, the more ethereal our flesh and blood and gravity will affect us less and less. You can actually observe this fact on your planet. Devout human beings, with an eminent spiritual attitude, walk upright and with a spring in their step, as if they were floating; one is able to determine their cheerfulness and their unconcern by the way they walk. But this is a very rare occurrence, because most people on Earth walk with a heavy footsteps, bend over, anguished and faithless – thoughts full of hatred and unhealthy passions and habits. These people are earthbound and they will remain so for a long time after there earthly demise.