Not from this Earth - Part 2

36 SEMARUS: No, not the way they were. Question : Does this mean that astrological readings are no longer valid? SEMARUS: They are on no account valid anymore , because the planets of this solar system were of greatest importance. These planets are however most affected by this radiation chaos. Question : Doesn’t it say: “It is written in the stars…”? SEMARUS: This still applies today. But what is written in the stars now is that man is systematically preparing his own demise. What kind of karma will man on Earth lay claim to if his own has no longer validity here on Earth? During an incarnation here on Earth, man must perforce deal with the whole injustice; this however means that man is born degenerated and with many maladies and that he has to live under conditions that are not unlike hell. Question : This would also affect many innocent people. SEMARUS: No. Warmongers and false prophets, scientists and nuclear experts are threatened by a different danger altogether – to describe this is well nigh impossible. The draughtsman and MESSENGER of LIGHT JOHN SHERIDAN announces his presence GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! I will draw a picture of an observatory from which EXTRATERRESTRIALS observe your Earth. Please give me a fresh sheet of paper! We are not dealing with a standard or a refractive telescope here, but with artificial, techno- organic eyes, or more to the point: Gigantic eyes. These eyes are of a sphere shaped construction and they serve the purpose of observing your heavenly body. These eyes are not made from glass, but from a gelatinous mass, one that can expand or contract according to prevailing temperatures. This mass is crystal clear. The whole installation is an enormous system that consists of many, gelatinous lenses. Real crystal lenses are also at hand and they form a system of prisms. This arrangement of prisms is located in the ball joints of the installation. The bellows serve the purpose of regulating the focussing distance of these technical eyes. Each observation arm is individually mobile and in conjunctions with all the other arms, it can be directed at a star so accurately that the monitors inside the observation room produce a very precise, greatly magnified picture of the star in question. The centre contains the guiding tube that serves the purpose of alignment. Electrical impulses play a major role here, ergo the commutation of light particles into electrical impulses.