Not from this Earth - Part 2

3 Preface (By ASHTAR SHERAN) There are nations and races, there are natives, atheists and deists, there are enlightened ones and all kinds of malicious doubters and they all inhabit the solar planet Earth together. This planet Earth we call SHAN is however just a speck of dust within the universe. All the people on this planet, which the ALMIGHTY created like all the other planets through HIS ingenious WORK, do not quite know who and what GOD is, neither where HE resides, nor what HIS COSMOS really looks like or what it is made of. This is why INFINITE LOVE, according to a sacred prophesy, was sent us to finally bring higher KNOWLEDGE to this planet, so that the outrageous, cruel iniquities committed in GOD’S wonderful universe come to an end. These words are sanctified in the name of the HIGHEST OF ALL, whom we have pledged our eternal LOVE, obeisance and loyalty to. We are not from this Earth , but we love and also pity you, as you cannot comprehend GOD’S grandeur, because you continuously darken GOD’S LIGHT. WITH GOD’S HELP, LET THERE BE LIGHT ON THIS PLANET! – AMEN. ASHTAR SHERAN Introduction (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin) This content calls itself a factual report. Such a report ought to base itself on facts and not on assumptions or fantasy. When UFOS, that is to say, interplanetary space people who come to Earth in saucer-shaped crafts in order to tell us something, we must speak with them or receive either written or technological reports from them. There is however another form of communication, namely spiritual communication. We unfortunately lack the corresponding experience in this field, because parapsychology is still one of the most recent sciences – and a disdained one at that! A spiritual communication with other intelligences is called a psychic process. Thought transference (telepathy) is also a psychic process. Many messages from INTERPLANETARY PEOPLE are received all over the world. This type of communication is very difficult to verify and can be considerably influenced by the subconscious of the receiver. If it is not possible to speak directly with otherworldly spirits or with EXTRATERRESTRIALS, there is still a relatively good connection through written communication . Under certain circumstances, otherworldly intelligences have the opportunity to influence the human organism and beyond that, even utilise it. Not every human being is accordingly qualified, but there are some very proficient individuals that can be turned into supernatural instruments through training and special conduct. Such a supernatural instrument is called a medium (mediator). All of these messages and reports were received psychically ; they partially stem from MESSENGERS of LIGHT and partially directly from EXTRATERRESTRIALS.