Not from this Earth - Part 2

29 “difference of opinion court” one that naturally only sits when very serious differences are on the agenda, when the wellbeing of their planet is at stake. This court is made up of their most educated men. Help for planet Earth through soil irradiation Question : EXTRATERRESTRIALS want to help us, they already do so through the cleansing of the atmosphere contaminated by radiation. What kind of help can we expect from them in the future? SEMARUS: Through the irradiation of the soil, so that it becomes more fertile. This is very important, because your soil is already in the process of absorbing plant destroying radioactivity and passing it on to man’s organism through the food chain. Question : Does irradiating abrogate the radioactivity in the soil? SEMARUS: Only partially. Imagine however that a huge flying saucer would suddenly land here on the Rüdesheimer Platz (Berlin). Well, a number of daring guys would carefully move closer. The police would turn up and cordon off the area and after everyone ascertained that there was nothing stirring inside the space ship, the inquisitive would become pluckier and move ever closer to the cordon of guards in order to see something of this flying object. But if something unexpected would take place, if there was a strange noise inside or a ramp would extend from the craft for instance. What do you think would happen? – Everybody would turn and run, trampling those behind to death because of their fear of the unknown. Now imagine a mass-landing?! There are a lot of things in life that are impossible to harmonise with our endeavours and our wishes. There are such a lot of things that go against the grain. I made that discovery when I lived in India. One does however realise later why this or the other had to happen, why one encountered a barrier here and there that blocked one’s path. Yes, if you were already able to grasp everything, you would be able to comprehend GOD’S ORDINATIONS in all their momentousness, you would quarrel a lot less with your annoyances and your fate. Question : What stops UFOS from landing in greater numbers on our Earth? SEMARUS: Nothing really hinders the EXTRATERRESTRIALS – only panic ! Do you have any idea how your fellow citizen would react? “… for they know not what they do” SEMARUS: GREETINGS in the NAME OF god! – Please ask me. I’m willing to answer. Question : You probably also listened to the speech given by Dr. Albert Schweitzer on the radio. We would like to hear a few closing comments from you in regards to this speech. SEMARUS: Oh yes, we like him very much. Our world also advocates his views on disarmament