Not from this Earth - Part 2

27 an antimagnetic effect. This force must be regulated. The generators are the producers of this magnetic force. Flying saucers could not land so smoothly and weightlessly at exactly specified coordinates without it, similar to the way your rockets are supposed to land on the Moon through anti-thrust. Leader : This is very interesting! When we’re able to include technical details in our publications that find recognition in academic circles, one might give more credibility to our other messages. ARGUN : This is why JOHN SHERIDAN utilised the hand of the medium. This generator is made from a kind of glass. There are also different types here. PEACE ACROSS ALL FRONTIERS! SEMARUS reports about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL’S planet SEMARUS: GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! Dear friends, I will now tell you a few things about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL’S home planet. Please tell me, what would you like to know? Would you like to know what life in the cities is like, or how we build or entertain ourselves? Just ask! Question : We would like to know how they live there, their relationships to one another, whether with love, envy or hatred or whether they have really overcome these already. SEMARUS: You already received information about the way they live together, but you might be interested to know that the EXTRATERRESTRIALS have footpaths that are actually people movers, the like you find at airports. Question : What kind of energy is used for such a vast project? SEMARUS: One could call it “economy current”. Economy current is also the current that feeds the eternal lamp. A central control installation stores solar energy and distributes it and this at a very stout rate. Solar energy is also used for the eternal lamp, inasmuch as the eternal lamp is an accumulator of solar energy. In regards to traffic lights, the lighting system is operated through radio signals. There is therefore no need to use cables. Question : Energy sent via radio? SEMARUS: No, one couldn’t say this. Radio signals only control current levels. Every lamp is an independent energy carrier. All of these energy carriers can be accessed, controlled and regulated through radio signals. Are you still interested? Question : What kind of vehicles drive on your roads? SEMARUS: Private vehicles only exist in the shape of small VIMANAS, mind you, not designed to travel through space. Otherwise all other traffic moves on trains and people