Not from this Earth - Part 2

20 There is only one source of funds and all surplus flows voluntarily to this source. This source of funds finances all building projects and the few poor on our planet receive help from it. A committee elected by the people decides what happens to the money. Leader : I just realised that we make enormous progress with our new friend ZYNDAR SHIIN. Z. S. : If the government has something special in mind, I mean the building of a special project, its necessity is explained to the people and once the people haven given their consent , the project is started. Everybody is then prepared to promote the undertaking as best they can. Question : Do you also have churches? Are your church services conducted on similar lines as ours? Z. S. : We don’t have churches in your sense of the word. We have larger, circular places, similar in construction to your terrestrial arenas or stadiums. This is where we conduct our devotions under an open sky and we are not perturbed about any rain that might fall. Question : Does this bring out a community spirit? Z. S. : All of us pray wearing the same kind of garment, one we have especially made for this purpose . It is a dark blue garment with a silver star embossed where the heart is. This really gives us a feeling of belonging to one big FAMILY: Everyone is a little star in the universe; everyone is a part of GOD. Question : Does this mean that there is only one heavenly FATHER for all the nations of your planet? Z. S. : This is correct. There is only one CREATOR OF ALL THERE IS and this is GOD. Leader : The two mediums can exchange places if you like. Monika-Manuela can now take over the automatic writing section about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL’S family situation. Medium : If ZYNDAR SHIIN has no objections? Z. S. : No, Uwe, please continue to write. I have just managed to get used to writing with you. Please understand: The flow of the communication cannot be interrupted! The family life of extraterrestrials Z. S. : Our family life is similar to yours. We hardly ever quarrel , but I have to admit, it sometimes happens that married couples argue. Objection : The main thing is that they quickly make up after. Z. S. : Yes, reconciliation almost always takes place. The marriage ceremony takes place along similar lines as with you. When two people find themselves and believe they’re