Not from this Earth - Part 2

2 Pentagon chiefs have continuously assured the public over the last 25 years that UFOS are nothing but swindles, illusions and trickeries, made the following comment: “This is no joke. This is a very serious matter.” This law applies to all of NASA’S manned and unmanned space missions, but it isn’t just constrained to this organization. Every UFO-Contactee in North America is affected by this. People found near UFOS can therefore be attained for an undetermined period of time under guard in “quarantine”. (In other countries and at other times this was called “protective custody”) According to Dr. Clifford, this legislation was decided upon by the American Congress without the approval and knowledge of the American taxpayers, by the very organization that is supposed to represent the taxpayers and the citizens of the United States. This US publication continues to state: “The American Congress thereby created a completely new category of criminals: UFO- Contactees! A lame excuse for this bitter pill is the thesis that extraterrestrials might possibly have a virus that could wipe out the whole human race. This is undoubtedly one of the numerous potentialities of such contact, but certainly not the only one and in itself no legal reason to declare all contacts of this nature “illegal” or to call contactees criminals that have to be punished and locked up immediately. The primary effect of such a law is not really to prevent any contact (something that often happens involuntarily), but to silence any witnesses . This law, if it comes into effect, will prevent all contact reports or they would only appear under a cloak of anonymity, thereby triggering a truly “modern inquisition” in the often lauded ‘land of freedom’. The US magazine continues: “These security measures might be understandable, if there had never been contact with extraterrestrials during man’s history, but cases of encounters can already be counted in the thousands and tens of thousands just over the last few years. Should all of these law abiding citizens suddenly be declared criminals from one minute to the next? What other laws has congress decided upon without informing the public? Bad Salzuflen, February 1995 I can see the day will come when God no longer finds pleasure in mankind and has to rough it up in order to rejuvenate Creation. J. W. v. Goethe