Not from this Earth - Part 2

16 A day in the life of EXTRATERRESTRIALS This is the longest séance up to now (four hours) with the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ZYNDAR SHIIN. Medium: Uwe Speer. Z. S. : GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF GOD! Dear friends, please tell me what you would like to know, it will be my pleasure to help you. Question : Dear friends, first of all we would like to know whether we should enter into an agreement to publish a periodical called Menetekel that would be the future “mouthpiece” for EXTRATERRESTRIALS. Z. S. : You can count on our support. We are first and foremost interested in bringing the TRUTH to mankind. Question : Can we learn something about your home planet? Z. S. : Let’s do this as follows: You ask about the things you would like to know about our home planet and I will give you the answers – in as far as I can justify them. Question : Using our system of measuring time, how long does a trip from your home planet to our Earth take? Z. S. : Three years, because we are situated in a different solar system. We once told you that we can bridge time and space. This is nearly correct; remember that home is many light years away. Question : How is it possible that ASHTAR SHERAN is already there? Z. S. : ASHTAR was going back. He is presently on the Moon. He was ordered back. He was already on his way. His presence here on Earth is probably a necessity. I am almost convinced that he will not undertake his journey back home. – When we travel, we don’t really feel that it takes three years, because we travel in a dematerialised state. Question : Does ASHTAR SHERAN’S recall have something to do with recent nuclear explosions? Z. S. : Yes, it has something to do with this. Question : Can we exist on your planet without any great problems?