Not from this Earth - Part 2

14 ARGUN : He is still the commander-in-chief. But the command to replace the commander of the space station SHARE has been issued. – Maybe “command” is the wrong terminology. The replacement happened voluntarily . You will have to opportunity to talk to some of the “new” EXTRATERRESTRIALS – the same way you were able to talk to TAI SHIIN. We already know one of the emissaries, his name is ZYNDAR SHIIN and he is presently the assistant of the base commander of the earth-observation-station. This earth-observation-station commander is called OSHUR SHINAR. Due to the irresponsible behaviourism of the people on Earth, EXTRATERRESTRIALS are confronted with ever more difficult problems. In the upper, thinner atmosphere, mainly within the radiation region of the atmosphere, radioactivity causes catastrophic deviations from normal levels of radiation. Everything beyond normal experiences is called a phenomenon . A phenomenon is an event that the sciences call an enigma, because there is presently no explanation for its cause and effect. If the Earth was destroyed by such a phenomenon, there would be no scientists left to say: “The sciences are confronted by an enigma”. Question : Can livings things be dematerialised through the effects of UFO radiation? ARGUN : Yes, this is possible. UFO fly over the surface of the Earth in order to study and to observe it they way this has happened for many years already. It sometimes happened that they flew reasonably low. Low level flights are usually carried out in a dematerialised state and this attracted small creatures like snails, fish or eels and even birds when they encountered the delicate waves of the magnetic force field. Later, when the UFOS flew at higher altitude and increased their speed, these things detached from the magnetic field. – Does something attract your attention here? Question : Were these creatures not dematerialised? ARGUN : I will tell you what should actually have caught your attention: We are dealing here with small living creatures and not with other small things that should in principle also fall within the range of these magnetic waves. This is it! These magnetic forces only had an influence on small organisms and not on plants or stones, pieces of paper or other things lying about. Peace across all frontiers Z. S. : GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! – This is the extraterrestrial ZYNDAR SHIIN. Leader : GREETINGS in the NAME of GOD! We welcome you as a friend. Z. S. : I thank you and reciprocate your salutation with all my heart.