Not from this Earth - Part 2

13 PROTECTION in place. EXTRATERRESTRIALS would undoubtedly fall prey to these demons also. All astral contacts by all religions of this world have encountered these demons. • Even CHRIST was not spared. • BUDDHA also talked about “Mara, the evil one”. • ZOROASTER and MOHAMMED had the same horrid experience. • RUDOLF STEINER referred to the “CUSTODIAN of the GREAT THRESHOLD”. There are innumerable examples like this. All of East Asia and the Pacific Islands attest to this due to the frequent psychic nature of their spirit and demon cults. The sciences are confronted with an enigma Protocol extract from a contact with the MESSENGER of LIGHT ARGUN: Question : Phenomena take place here and there that cannot be explained with any modern scientific means. For instance, red rain fell in a number of places. ARGUN : I can explain this to you: This red rain contains small molecules UFOS emit that have certain degree radioactive radiation. These molecules give the rain the red colouring. Red rain could fall anywhere, any day. Remember the northern lights! It happened during the formation of clouds and as is generally known, clouds are made of water vapour, but: “Molecule” is not quite the right denotation for it. I would have to say particles. These emit vibrations that are perceived by optical and human eyes as red . These vibrations however interfere quite considerably with radar reception. Question : Like recently in England? ARGUN : England is confronted with an enigma, because nobody saw the flying object with their own eyes, but it seemed quite large on the radar screen. It alternately stood still or took off at great speed, speeds that cannot be realised by the people on Earth unless it was in a rocket. These however cannot stop and start when up in the air. Question : Has ASHTAR SHERAN already started the journey back to the EXTRATERRESTRIAL’S home planet?