Not from this Earth - Part 2

11 • A genuine medium is appointed by a HIGHER ORDER! – These so appointed mediums are people who have both feet firmly on the ground, they are no religious enthusiasts and they pursue their daily career or occupation assiduously. Those that read these protocols with sagacity and apply their logic without prejudice , will realise that these questions could not possibly be answered in a split second by a 20 year old female with secondary school education. The drawings also go way beyond their own capabilities; they were put to paper by the 22 year old drawing medium Uwe Speer. When EXTRATERRESTRIALS are in a dematerialised state, certain differences between otherworldly and dematerialised beings would have to be apparent, but this is not the case. Only the script shows differences, but this also occurs when otherworldly trade places. Even the mediums who are highly sensitive and who can perceive the lightest vibrational changes, cannot ascertain any differences . The ASSISTANT of the commander-in-chief of the EXTRATERRESTRIALS was kind enough to give us a more detailed explanation to these phenomena. Extraterrestrials come in their astral bodies (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the MKF Berlin) Even though EXTRATERRESTRIALS can dematerialise themselves and their space ships, they hardly ever do so when they transmit their messages through a terrestrial mediator. The dematerialisation process encounters great difficulties within the Earth atmosphere and apart from that, visits in a dematerialised state over great distances are dangerous and much too slow. This is the reason why EXTRATERRESTRIALS make use of a phenomenon that has been known in occult circles on Earth for thousands of years: EXTRATERRESTRIALS send their astral bodies, that is to say, their soul, whereby they are nonetheless still connected to their physical body. On Good Friday in 1952, in a state of suspended animation I myself effortlessly sent my astral body and was able to betake myself vast distances in a weightless state. 2 Not taking occultism into account, these types of reports are plentiful; it happens under narcosis, but specifically during major operations. Pertinent literature has hundred of books that report in great detail about the momentary separation of the astral body from living people. 3 • As TAI SHIIN told us, EXTRATERRESTRIALS place themselves into a trance. When their body is aboard a flying VIMANA, their spirit body leaves their body and they are able to bridge time and space at the blink of an eye in this astral state. 2 See protocol: The Great Encounter. 3 See the literary compilation: The greatest mistakes in regards to death.