Not from this Earth - Part 2

10 It is however not easy to help a drowning person, particularly if this person is evil and thrashes about . We must be careful so that we don’t suffer any disadvantages ourselves. What we should know about UFOS (By Herbert Viktor Speer, leader of the MKF, Berlin) UFOS or “flying saucers” are a reality that due to its appearance within the atmosphere of our Earth should absolutely be included in our knowledge and concepts, in the way we see the world and the rest of the universe. Not to deal with these flying objects on an occult basis is our greatest mistake. Just to photograph and to register their flights is not enough. We must make an all out effort to comprehend these objects from a fourth dimensional point of view. • These flying disks and their occupants mean much more to us than the military and scientists are willing to admit. We have to make it quite clear from the start that these flying objects are not from this Earth . This is why they are partially subject to other laws of nature and apart from that, have command over LAWS we are still unfamiliar with. We cannot assess them with our knowledge. One tends to give unknown, cosmic LAWS the connotation of “occult”. But why do extraterrestrial beings make personal contact with some people on Earth? The Mediale Friedenskreis, Berlin originally assumed that space people have access to the MESSENGERS of LIGHT meetings of mature circles, in order to transmit extremely precious and important messages through mediums, in a dematerialised state. • All the many contacts with EXTRATERRESTRIALS, and particularly with the commander-in- chief of the space flotilla ASHTAR SHERAN and his assistant (adjutant) TAI SHIIN, have established that the highly intelligent INTERPLANETARIANS occupy the same level as otherworldly MESSENGERS of LIGHT and SPIRIT TEACHERS. They are subject to the same spiritual LAWS that are relevant in regards to one’s survival after one’s physical demise. They are very much like the beings in the hereafter; all they do is occupy a higher level . – This fact initially startles, because spiritualism has a lot of encounters with so- called hoaxing spirits , which at times try to convey the most bodacious lies to us. • To find and to train suitable mediums, so that the maximum possible security and credibility can be achieved, is very difficult. Almost all mediums that have been working with the Mediale Friedenskreis, Berlin (Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin) were unable to convince and were found unsuitable for such a responsible assignment.