Before the landing

PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: Protocol of an extra-terrestrial report of the year 1958 Title : Before the landing Contactee : Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin Mediums : Uwe Speer and Manuela Speer MESSENGERS of LIGHT : AREDOS, ARGUN SANTINER : ASHTAR SHERAN, OTHAR SHIIN, SETUN SHENAR These published words of the INTER-PLANATARIANS were received by the Medialen Frieden- skreis Berlin, a Christian/Spiritual community, during many public seances. We deal here manly with fully automatic handwritten messages , which were subconsciously recorded by mediums with years of experience. These mediumistic messages are complete and were left in their original quality. The work of the two mediums began when they were 15 and respectively 17 years old. The total production is considered the absolute pinnacle of psycho-scientific exploration. Other spiritual circles have tried to copy their work, but its quality was never achieved. The distribution of these recently re-catalogued messages and protocols is explicitly encouraged and are not covered by any copyright. Preface by the publisher In February 1996, I was able to ask a small Christian/Spiritual working circle a few questions in regards of the activities of the SANTINER. Here is an extract from that protocol: Question: It is puzzling why the SANTINER behave so reservedly. This veil of secrecy has led to the situation that they are not taken serious enough. Is there not a danger that through their reservedness the SANTINER will continue to loose credibility? With an increasing number of sightings, people would slowly show more interest and would also listen to the transmitted INDOCTRINATIONS. Apart from that, it would give added support to all those helped by the explanations of the SAN- TINER. How does the spiritual realm view this problem? Answer: This line of reasoning is correct, but it’s unfortunately still too early. Many souls (people) wouldn’t know what to do with it - Or to put it a better way, we would trigger a lot of anxiety in many people. At the present situation, this action would come too soon - but it will come ! Many souls are well on their way and ready to make their divine SPARK shine. But this still needs time and patience. People who are open and live in a divine MANNER have contact, either through sightings , in dreams or through astral travelling. - If you would remember everything, you would be astonished about the number of times you have had contact and have been taught and talked with the SANTINER, your FRIENDS. Think about your INNER VOICE! Turn within and listen! You will discover your SELF and many questions will become clear and simple. You and everybody else have your MASTER and the answers within yourselves. Take time out for your SELF!